How to change the WordPress Admin email address


This is a relatively simple task for any WordPress admins (assuming you still have access to the site) So in this post, I will describe the easy option, a Plesk Option, then the more involved database option.

Issue Reported

One of my customers had actually lost his password for the admin are of the site and the email address it was registered to was no longer available. I was asked if I could help….

About this WordPress Install

WordPress Version : 5.1

Theme : X Theme by Theme.Co

Plugins installed :

  • Awesome Support Version 5.8.0
  • Cornerstone Version 3.4.6
  • Really Simple SSL Version 3.1.4
  • Ultimate Member 2.0.39

How to Change your WordPress Admin Email Address

Method1 : Through the WordPress Settings

Login to your WordPress admin area via the /wp-login.php or /wp-admin address, for example or

Once you’re logged in, go to Settings > General.

You’ll see a field on the right hand side called ‘E-mail address’ – Enter the new email address here.

Where to change your WordPress Admin Email Address

Once done, enter ‘Save Changes’

You’ll get a notification under the email field saying that there is a pending change of the admin e-mail.

Notification when changing WordPress Admin Email Address

Now check your new email account and there should be an email notification like this:

WordPress Admin email change email notification.

Click the link in your email, or copy and paste into your browser – you have now successfully changed your WordPress Admin Email address.

Method2 : Using WordPress extension in Plesk to change your WordPress Admin Email Address

Plesk have made changing your admin email really simple;

Login to your Plesk Control Panel usually available at

go to Server Management > WordPress > and find your WordPress Install.

Find your WordPress installation in Plesk

Click ‘Setup’ under General Info

Input your new email address and click ‘Change’ – Then you’re done!

In Plesk – Change your WordPress Admin Email Address

Method3 : Using PHPAdmin in Plesk to change your WordPress Admin Email Address

This method is a bit more technical as you need to have access to your PHPMyAdmin section of your hosting panel. In this method I am using Plesk, but chances are this will work for most hosting control panels, like CPanel, Virtualmin etc

Login to your Plesk Control Panel usually available at

Navigate to Hosting Services > Domains > > Databases

Where to find your WordPress Database in Plesk.

Open PHPMyAdmin

Open PHPMyAdmin from within Plesk

Then browse to the wp-users table within PHPMyAdmin, and click on it.

Click wp_users to see all the user accounts in the database

Click ‘Edit’ on the Admin User Account

Click ‘Edit’ on your admin account.

Find the user_email field and change the email address as required.

And thats it! Hopefully one of the 3 methods above helped you out. If not feel free to drop me a mail or leave a message below with any issues you’re having.

Do you have any other ways of changing your WordPress admin email account? Let me know in the comments below!

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